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Why hiring a freelancer is a smart choice?

Freelance is an idea that exists in our economy for good reason.

Outsourcing work to freelancers saves costs on additional labour and set-up costs

Fast internet speeds, zoom, and creative online workspaces mean remote working has never been so easy.

Although freelancers are always available to drop in on meetings when needed.

Hire experienced professionals from a large talent pool that wouldn’t be available to you for in-house positions.

No need to pay NI, holiday and sick pay, licenses for software, work equipment, training time, and extra overheads, like larger premises.

Freelancers are trained and ready to go. Experienced freelancers are used to adapting and working efficiently in new situations on a range of computer systems and equipment.

Perfect for trying something new and short-term projects, just pay for the time you actually need.

Most companies can benefit hugely from a pair of new eyes and fresh ideas.

Freelancers are grateful for your work and eager to please.

Tap into a whole network of connections that the freelancer can bring to the table.

Occasional high-quality work from a senior freelance contractor can work out cheaper and more beneficial than lots of mediocre work from a full-time junior.

Good freelancers are available when you need them and can be just as quick at getting back to you as someone sitting in your office.

Plus, some of the best people are freelancers!

What other pros or cons are there for hiring freelancers?

Why do freelancers charge so much? Freelancers have trained for years to learn a skill that you don’t have. Freelancers don’t get paid for days off sick, public holidays, or vacation. Freelancers have to pay for all their own sh*t, computers, desks, pens, paper, software licenses, websites, marketing, accountants... There’s no bonus scheme as a freelancer. Freelancers know that offers of extra payments and work in the future never happen. Freelancers don’t get pensions and benefits. No, freelancers can’t expense everything on tax returns and get the money back, that’s not how it works. Your project won’t make or break a freelancer. A good freelancer will make or break your project. Yes, freelancers love being their own boss, and some have a natural gift for their profession but sadly landlords and stores don’t accept love, only money. The freelance project isn't just the creative part, there's a lot of admin. Answering your calls, emails, WhatsApp’s. Freelancers also need time to think and research for your assignment. If you could do the freelancer’s work then you wouldn’t need one.

For more information on the fashion services that I offer visit my website.

JMitchellDesign is a Freelance Fashion Design Agency in Huddersfield, England.

Specialist areas include menswear, boys wear, eco/sustainable design, performance, active, sportswear, lifestyle, outerwear, jersey, technical and denim design.

Clothing design services offered are CADs, tech packs, sample fitting and development, trend analysis, fashion illustration, mood boards, prints, graphic design and logo design.

Available for short or long-term projects for established international brands and start-ups.

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