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What is the difference between using a Freelance Fashion Designer and a Fashion Design Consultancy?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

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As a company or a business start-up, there are times when you will need some creative input. How do you go about hiring the right people and what are your options?

Going to a design consultancy should mean that you will have an entire team at your disposal to work on projects. A consultancy usually has a brick and mortar location and a team of people covering different areas of the business. They can take care of as much of the project operation that you require as a client. With larger overheads and operational costs comes a pricing structure that can be many times higher than freelancers but it can still work out more flexible and economical than having your own creative design team based in-house. Clients need to be aware that many freelancers pose as a consultancy online but are not actually offering the benefits that hiring a consultancy should bring.

Using a freelance designer directly is generally a much cheaper solution all-round. Most freelance designers are self-employed and either work from home, or from a small or shared studio space. This means that they are able to keep their running costs low and usually are not VAT registered, so the price quoted is the price that the client will pay without an extra 20% added tax (in the UK). Also don’t think that the quality of ideas and work will necessarily be inferior. Freelancers can still provide great ideas and in many cases are more qualified than many of the staff at consultancies. A freelancer generally specialises in one area. Some people prefer to operate as a freelancer for the flexible lifestyle that it can offer them. Many experienced freelancers have access to a great network of partners that a client can tap into. They are also not tied down to anyone and can help recommend and bring in the right talent for each specific project. Choosing the right freelancer can be tough, so make sure to check for recommendations, previous experience, and the quality and range of a freelancer's portfolio.

Using a consultancy can be great for taking the stress and work out of a project. They will usually take an idea and bring you polished solutions to pick from. They can have creative meetings as a team and decide internally what's best before presenting externally to a client. Usually, a consultancy works best for larger clients who either do not want their own creative team in-house or want to bring in a team to provide fresh ideas and approaches.

Freelancers often require the client to be active in the process and to get involved where possible. The freelancer is there to help bring the client's vision alive. Freelance projects work out best when the freelancer is able to bounce ideas off the client and vice versa. A freelancer is a much better solution for start-ups and companies where the decision-makers want more control of the project and are conscious about outgoing costs. Freelancers can quickly become an extension of your in-house team and if location permits can physically be a regular part of your team as well.

J Mitchell Design is the agency of Jonathan Mitchell working as a fashion design freelancer. Jonathan is self-employed and works from an office in the Peak District in the north of England, in between Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. Jonathan has many years of industry experience working as a fashion designer. The vision of J Mitchell Design fashion agency is to offer Jonathan’s experience out to anyone looking for design input for their fashion label from CADs to tech packs and to allow his clients access to his vast network of contacts including fashion e-commerce website specialists, a range of different freelance graphic and print designers, fabric experts including a sustainable specialist and a range of different factories across Europe and Asia depending on the client's order quantities and product requirements.

If you wish to employ Jonathan and find out about his availability and prices just get in touch by email at jon@jmitcheldesign.co.uk or check out the website www.jmitchelldesign.co.uk for more details.

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