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Fashion Manufacturing Services

We can help you find clothing manufacturers that fit the needs of your fashion brand. 


J Mitchell Design only works with trustworthy fashion manufacturers. No one understands clothing manufacturing for small businesses and start-up brands like we do. We work hard to build reliable connections to fashion manufacturing in the UK, Europe, Turkey and Asia. 

We produce CADs and fashion tech packs, but the service does not end there. We continue to lend our expertise with sourcing and manufacturing. Helping you move you in the right direction when choosing manufacturers. We provide technical support and answer questions related to the manufacturing of your products. 

Pattern makers and garment technologists give you control over your brand. Garment Techs are always in high demand. We have a couple of great ones that we use. Making your patterns can save you from having a crisis if you move factories.

Here are some more reasons to own your patterns:


You control the fit

You can move to another manufacturer

You can make changes

You can dual-source if the factory lacks capacity

With so much choice and little regulation, it can be hard to know where to turn. We have partnered up with several great fashion factories and apparel sourcing experts worldwide, working on a wide range of apparel and accessory product types and minimum order quantities. 

Sustainable Fashion Manufacturing

Sustainable fashion is the process of working to improve each step of the fashion industry from a product’s conception to the end of its lifecycle.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever you can.

The damaging ecological influence of fast fashion is indisputable and unacceptable. The apparel industry is the 2nd largest contaminating sector (after oil), sending a monstrous 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon yearly worldwide.


The footprint of garments can be hard to comprehend. Some fabrics require ridiculously massive amounts of water to create and manufacture. Chemicals used in the process can be harmful.

Every wash adds microfibres right into our seas, equating to around half a million tonnes each year.

Sometimes factory workers are treated unfairly and unjustly.

Components are shipped around the world, creating a huge carbon footprin

As if the above isn’t significantly damaging enough for the environment, we also need to think about the lack of durability of fast fashion garments. In the UK, hundreds of tonnes of garments and shoes are thrown out every year, with 80% of them winding up in landfills where they can take over 200 years to break down.

Jonathan Mitchell has worked as a sustainable fashion designer on projects since 2005 working at Puma. The sustainable movement has come a long way from fringe to mainstream.

We have a sustainable clothing manufacturing partnership with Kate Padget-Koh, the founder of Fashionable Futures. A Hong Kong-based Expert Consultancy in sustainable end-to-end fashion supply chain strategy & solutions. They help fashion brands, designers, and manufacturers to create effective end-to-end sustainable supply chains using their unique, customised methodology. They are committed to positively impacting the future of fashion through responsible practices and innovations. Both FF and JMDesign consider sustainability a core component of the fashion industry. Kate worked as the Senior Head Apparel Sourcing and Development for Puma sportswear. She was a member of the Puma Sustainable Taskforce to help Puma achieve its sustainability goals. She has connections with sustainable fashion manufacturers and also sustainable activewear manufacturers.

We recommend consulting with sustainable fabric guru Marjo Hartikainen of Responsable Textile Consulting. As a senior expert in the fashion textile industry, Marjo inspires businesses to make better choices. She can provide sustainable textiles market analysis and independent consultation for sustainable material sourcing and development in Europe. Her mission is to coach and inspire stakeholders of the textile industry to improve their sustainable skillset and to be able to make textile products better by themselves. With more than 300 textile sources and practical know-how of sustainable material development, she can offer cost-saving practices for responsible transformation.

J Mitchell Design has some brilliant partners to help with everything from the fabric to labels, trims, and packaging, through the sample development process to delivering the bulk production of your products.

Currently, Jonathan has a number of freelance sustainable fashion design projects in work. These include, sustainable equestrian fashion collections, sustainable cycling collections, sustainable golf and sustainable activewear design collections.

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We can turn designs into tech packs and help get them sampled up for you. We will help provide technical support to the factory during the process.

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Once you have samples, we can meet up, or you can visit the studio, and we can develop the products. Providing comments, measurements, and feedback.

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Our manufacturers will keep you informed every step of the way and you can be sure to receive products of a high standard for bulk delivery.

Would you like to learn more about fashion manufacturing and how to find fashion manufacturers?

If you are starting a fashion brand and would like some information on what you need to know about clothing manufacturing and how to get your clothing designs manufactured please check out our blog page here.


We have compiled lots of useful information on your options for fashion manufacturing.

If you are receiving information from fashion factories or other fashion professionals and you are struggling to understand them. That's probably because fashion employees are always double busy and don't have time to write the same fashion phrases repeatedly. They have developed their own strange shorthand with terms like MOQ's, CMT, GSM. There's a whole host of fashion abbreviations and terms that you are likely to hear. We have created a list of technical fashion terms that you may find helpful with the manufacturing process. You can view our list of fashion acronyms here.


Good luck and give us a shout if you need a hand!

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